American Blond


Malty sweetness, clean lager-like crispness with gentle, palate-cleansing hops and familiar citrusy flavors.

Similar Beverages

Brewed by our very own Irish brewer, Ash, for her favourite day of the year ... St Patrick's Day

Look: Hazy pale yellow.
Aroma: Tropical, citrus, dank.
Taste: Tropical, citrus, smooth, low bitterness.

The Naturalist is unfiltered, instead being run through a centrifuge preserving the light haze and accentuating the flavours of citrus, sherbet and a hint of white pepper from the Pacifica and Taiheke hops.

A juicy and hazy pale ale to maximise your summer enjoyment.
Triple dry hopped with Mosaic, Sultana and Motueka. Bursting with flavour and balanced with refreshing crispness.

A tribute to the locals of Hātaitai, our home base in Wellington — this beer is inspired by a small A tribute to the locals of Hātaitai, our home base in Wellington

The Peaceful Sea American Pale Ale is yet another gorgeous beer for the good times ahead.

Generously hopped with Loral & Cascade for big, dank citrus-driven aromas backed by soft, bready malt on the palate.

Traditional Saison brewed with yeast from a French farmers hay barn.

Super juicy and loaded with NZ, Australian and US hops, opaque cloudy and bursting with fruit, citrus and floral on the nose.

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