Aotearoa IPA Series #19


#19 in our Aotearoa IPA Series. A monthly release celebrating what we have right here - an IPA series using exclusively New Zealand hops and malts.

Similar Beverages

Look: Hazy orange Aroma: Citrus, tropical Taste: Citrus, tropical, juicy.

Unboiled and wild, brewed with a Belgian Farmhouse yeast. Solid bitterness unlike most hazes.

Big, bold American hop flavours and balanced maltiness!
This West Coast IPA is chock-full of U.S. El Dorado, Cascade, Centennial & Mosaic hops!

Two separate beers, intentionally brewed to be blended.
A strong shot of Imperial Coffee Stout topped up with a velvety smooth Milk Cream Ale poured on nitro.

The Orange Roughy's scientific name is Hoplosthus atlanticus, which roughly translates as, hazy, hoppy pale ale with tropical fruit aroma and a citrus flavour.

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