APA 5.4% : Mango, nectarine and grapefruit hops. Moderate caramel malt and restrained bitterness.

Similar Beverages

Sour Ume XPA 4.5%
Our XPA base with the sour Ume plums. Light but creamy body, tart, tropical. Lemon meringue.

A cross point of the two big styles of American IPA. The oats and hops give the classic upfront aroma and first taste impression of an East Coast (Hazy) IPA before the bitterness kicks in and the beer finished dry.

Gone Troppo is kettle soured and fermented with mango and passionfruit pulp.
It has loads of tropical fruit flavour and aroma, with a tart and refreshing finish.

More hops more oats more flavour. The latest in our hazy range packs Citra, Idaho7 and Mosaic along with an extra addition of oats to create a big full juice bomb.

Locally grown corn adds a fullness and bigger mouthfeel to the light malt base which combined with all American hops provide hops provide lifted aromatic flavours

There's a tropical storm brewing and it's going to be huge!

Hunker down and prepare your taste buds for the full force of Typhoon's hop blast. This double IPA is double dry hopped, to maximize tropical fruit flavour.

A gose style beer loaded with blackcurrent. Sour, clean and tart.

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