APA 5.4% : Mango, nectarine and grapefruit hops. Moderate caramel malt and restrained bitterness.

Similar Beverages

A California IPA with a bright golden malt base; crisp, quenching bitterness; a massive dry hop of Simcoe, Citra and Galaxy - it’s a powerful explosion of dank resin, citrus peel and ripe tropical fruit.

Unboiled and wild, brewed with a Belgian Farmhouse yeast. Solid bitterness unlike most hazes.

A tropical cyclone of pinapple, mango and stone fruit. This juicy IPA oozes sunshine and good time.

Brewed for International Womens Day, but brewed virtually via zoom as we were in lockdown and on Tsunami warning.

Fusing apples with habanero, ginger, honey, lemon and lime to create a refreshing Mexican mouthful? Sounds like a good time to us.

Big, bold hop flavours shine through in this NZ IPA. Kettle hopped, whirlpool hopped and dry hopped to bring an intense hit of hoppy goodness to your tastebuds, with a balanced malt backbone.

Like the seasonal kingtides on the coast, Kingtide is loaded with a caravan full of hops from both ends of the Pacific.

Dark and smoked malts contribute to a unique beer that we brewed as a tribute to the Hamilton Boy Racers..

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