Appalachian Stout

Similar Beverages

This and Red Rascal were our first commercial brews. The EXPATRIATE is an American Pale Ale leaving the homeland in exploration of something more. It had no idea it would find New Zealand but the hops were too good to pass

The Jolly Roger is our take on a Schwarzbier, or black lager beer.
A subdued malt backbone lends to some toasty notes which also gives its dark garnet red like blackness.

Look: Hazy orange gold Aroma: Stonefruit, citrus, tropical Taste: Stonefruit, citrus, tropical, smooth.

Is it time for a clear hoppy beer? We think it is.
Brewed with Mosaic, Simcoe and a touch of Centennial this West Coast IPA is all about the hops. A gentle clean malt base with big bold assertive bitterness

Lively with big zest citrus, tropical fruits + toasty backbone.

Raspberry Brut IPA (5.7%) looks blush pink and bright, and has aromas of raspberry, gooseberry and rhubarb.
On the palate it's dry and crisp with light fruity tartness.

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