Bandra Cucumber and Mint Sour


Cool notes of cucumber with a handful of fresh-picked mint leaves balance out this tart, refreshing kettle-soured beer that will keep you crisp and frosty in any situation.

Similar Beverages

Imperial stout aged on cacao, vanilla and Bourbon barrel chips - SAMPLE ONLY

Look: Hazy pale yellow.
Aroma: Tropical, citrus, dank.
Taste: Tropical, citrus, smooth, low bitterness.

Sour Ume XPA 4.5%
Our XPA base with the sour Ume plums. Light but creamy body, tart, tropical. Lemon meringue.

Look: Clear pale gold Aroma: Subtle, fruit pine, spice Taste: Crisp, clean malt; subtle fruit, pine, spice.

A hop forward juicy hazy infused with Hibiscus flowers for a touch of tartness on the finish.

A crisp and refreshing pale lager that is well-balanced and highly carbonated to quench your thirst - SAMPLE ONLY

Decended from the Steam Beers that were developed during the California Gold Rush. Easy going but with special character.

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