Bandra Cucumber and Mint Sour


Cool notes of cucumber with a handful of fresh-picked mint leaves balance out this tart, refreshing kettle-soured beer that will keep you crisp and frosty in any situation.

Similar Beverages

A wise man once said “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere.”
A Nelson Sauvin/Simcoe duo bring fruity and piny notes with a bit of zing and some mellow, light malts to match.

Aroma of mango, passionfruit and citrus.
A flavour that is tropical juice married with a slightly caramel maltiness, and alight bitter finish.

An extra pale ale, not just an ale that is extra pale. Reasonably dry with restrained bitterness, but a whole lot of late hopping provides massive grapefruit, lemon, lime and sour malt really helps the citrus pop.

More hops more oats more flavour. The latest in our hazy range packs Citra, Idaho7 and Mosaic along with an extra addition of oats to create a big full juice bomb.

Blast off on a tropical wave of electric haze! This beer is sweet, tart and juicy - a daydream sipper with notes of fresh-cut citrus and pine and a lush squeeze of pink grapefruit juice to keep your head in the clouds.

Look: Hazy orange Aroma: Citrus, tropical Taste: Citrus, tropical, juicy.

Big malty belly warming beer with dark malts and candy sugar sweetness to soften the alcohol.

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