Berry Cider


Tarty, vibrant and moreish…This Berry Cider with berry fruit juices is lovingly crafted by mixing apple cider with a selection of berry fruit juices giving this award-winner a refreshing and mouthwatering taste sensation.

Similar Beverages

Crisp Apple Cider with the Addition of fresh Matakana Lemons and Lime Juice and Zest. Wild Fermented! Very refreshing! Bronze Medal Winner.

Using NZ's favourite peach 'Golden Queen' With a Deep Golden Yellow colour and intense flavour Great source of Fibre Gluten Free

Freshly crushed Pacific Rose, Fuji and Royal Gala Apples combined with a touch of juicy Blueberries. A crisp kiwi classic cider flavour with a medium finish from the fruit addition. Delicious!

Soley Apple - neither sweet nor dry. Crisp and lingering, with no added sugar or water - just cider.

Passionfruit Cider (4.5%) looks a pale, clear yellow, and has aromas of passionfruit and apple. On the palate it's sweet, tart, and juicy.

Crisp Apple Cider with yummy Oats and Cinnamon. Wild Fermented. Delicious and not too sweet! Bronze Medal Winner

‘When life gives you mango and limes, make an awesome summer cider." And so that’s exactly what we’ve done by creating our limited release Mango & Lime Cider.

Wild fermented Organic Apple Cider with South Island Black Currants, Aged in Oak Wine Barrels. National Trophy Winner!

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