Bird Dog


Our flagship IPA, always a crowd pleaser!!!

Similar Beverages

Look: Clear pale gold Aroma: Subtle, fruit pine, spice Taste: Crisp, clean malt; subtle fruit, pine, spice.

Blast off on a tropical wave of electric haze! This beer is sweet, tart and juicy - a daydream sipper with notes of fresh-cut citrus and pine and a lush squeeze of pink grapefruit juice to keep your head in the clouds.

Mosaic Single Hop Hazy IPA.

West Coast IPA from Dunedin

Inspired by the wave of punchy new world hops.
A lovely soft malt backbone is balanced perfectly with juicy, mouth-coating hoppy GOODness & a smooth lingering bitterness. 5.8% ABV.

The Naturalist is unfiltered, instead being run through a centrifuge preserving the light haze and accentuating the flavours of citrus, sherbet and a hint of white pepper from the Pacifica and Taiheke hops.

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