Look: Hazy orange gold Aroma: Stonefruit, citrus, tropical Taste: Stonefruit, citrus, tropical, smooth.

Similar Beverages

Mosaic Single Hop Hazy IPA.

Tropical summer notes walk hand-in-hand with a crisp refreshing flavour that will keep you dancing on the shore from dusk till dawn. Serve chilled, wearing loud colours - speedboat optional.

A Banana & Chocolate Milk Stout that’s better than money.
Feel like a banana-boat adrift on a sea of rich, heavenly milkshake goodness. A 2020 Beervana winner and exclusively available to Auckland Beer Fest drinkers.

Get revved up, this beer has got what it takes. Blinding amounts of Pineapple and light notes of lime citrus is where the fun is. Get down with the creamy good time but never get tired of that smoothie sour deliciousness

Fusing apples with habanero, ginger, honey, lemon and lime to create a refreshing Mexican mouthful? Sounds like a good time to us.

Look: Clear pale gold Aroma: Subtle, fruit pine, spice Taste: Crisp, clean malt; subtle fruit, pine, spice.

Pale yellow in colour, soft hop nose with a rounded firm malty character. Moderate bitterness with a trademark dry finish.

A juicy, hoppy hazy with a citrus punch.
Smooth + refreshing.

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