A cross point of the two big styles of American IPA. The oats and hops give the classic upfront aroma and first taste impression of an East Coast (Hazy) IPA before the bitterness kicks in and the beer finished dry.

Similar Beverages

Citrusy reisin and pungent tropical fruits, balanced with a biscuity malt base make this a highly sessionable pale ale

The Orange Roughy's scientific name is Hoplosthus atlanticus, which roughly translates as, hazy, hoppy pale ale with tropical fruit aroma and a citrus flavour.

True to West Coast IPA style origins, BTC is jammed with West Coast hops on a juicy malt base. Hops: US Cascade, Amarillo.

Imperial stout aged on cacao, vanilla and Bourbon barrel chips - SAMPLE ONLY

This fruity, aromatic beer gets has an abundance of fresh West Coast U.S.A. hops. A top-fermented ale style, this beer is a recent addition to the Cassels core range. The tropical fruit salad and passion fruit flavours

Fusing apples with habanero, ginger, honey, lemon and lime to create a refreshing Mexican mouthful? Sounds like a good time to us.

Look: Clear pale gold Aroma: Subtle, fruit pine, spice Taste: Crisp, clean malt; subtle fruit, pine, spice.

Gone Troppo is kettle soured and fermented with mango and passionfruit pulp.
It has loads of tropical fruit flavour and aroma, with a tart and refreshing finish.

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