A cross point of the two big styles of American IPA. The oats and hops give the classic upfront aroma and first taste impression of an East Coast (Hazy) IPA before the bitterness kicks in and the beer finished dry.

Similar Beverages

Crammed with NZ hops; Rakau, Nelson Sauvin, and US hops; Sultana, Trident and Zythos. Think tropical with with pineapple

Dunedin's newest collab between local breweries Arc & New New New. A lively crushable hazy pale brewed with an fond eye on our beloved Aussie hops, Galaxy Eclipse and Vic Secrete, super yum and super juicy!!!!!

Porter with Meraki honey added to fermentation. The honey adds some sweetness and drynees to the beer.

Look: Hazy orange Aroma: Citrus, tropical Taste: Citrus, tropical, juicy.

Milkshake Hazy IPA collaboration with Tired Hands (USA).

Cool notes of cucumber with a handful of fresh-picked mint leaves balance out this tart, refreshing kettle-soured beer that will keep you crisp and frosty in any situation.

West Coast IPA from Arc Brewing Co, Dunedin

Known to some as the hop of the gods while others call it the god of the hops, Mosaic mania has arrived in Aotearoa thanks to the truly devine aroma and flavours. We just think it’s delicious so we put it into a can so

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