Manila Eats

Auckland based foodtruck serving NZ’s first -all natural- multi coloured buns with Filipino flair!
Fried chicken ( FR )pieces in adobo (soy-vinegar) marinade, fried egg, greens, tomato, addonaise (adobo-mayo) sauce and onion relish in our signature squid ink bun
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Fried chicken strips in our adobo marinade, salad and our siGnature addonaise (adobo-mayo) sauce
Organic young Jackfruit in a rich coconut base on a bed of tortilla corn chips, topped with peas, corn, capsicum, Jalapeños and siracha for extra kick
Shoestring fries
Traditional Filipino tomato stew made modern with minced beef on tortilla corn chips, topped with gooey cheese, and all the good stuff: peas, corn, capsicum, mayo and jalapeños
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