Emerson’s Beer vs. Cardrona Distillery Gin
17:15 Doors – 17:30 Start – 18:15 Finish

Brewers and distillers are an inspired lot. Join two of Otago’s best, as they collaborate hosting a masterclass in craft beer and gin. Richard Emerson from Emersons’ and Ash Whitaker from Cardona Distillery share, compare and contrast flavours.

Craft beers and gins alone, valued over $70.

Behemoth Brewing vs. A Lady Butcher
15:00 Doors – 15:15 Start – 16:00 Finish

Meat and Beer? A match made in heaven, some may say. But what about charcuterie? Is it a beer match?

You be the judge as Andrew Childs and butcher wife Hannah go head to head over creating the best pairings. And, after some tastings, answer the question of which is better, beer or meat? 

Craft beers and New Zealand Charcuterie plus a bit of banter from this dynamic couple. Not to be missed.  

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