Abandoned Brewing Company

Abandoned Brewery, a true micro-brewery with a never-say-die attitude. A belief in the craft, an arsenal of ideas and calm amongst the chaos…this monster

APA 5.4% : Mango, nectarine and grapefruit hops. Moderate caramel malt and restrained bitterness.

Hazy #7, 6.1% : Balanced and rounded body, with big apricot and passionfruit notes, fruit salad, finishing with a touch of resin

Pilsner 5.0% : Lemon zest, mojito-lime and passionfruit, firm bitterness, cracker-like malt.

Sour Ume XPA 4.5%
Our XPA base with the sour Ume plums. Light but creamy body, tart, tropical. Lemon meringue.

XXPA 8.4% : Big, dank and dirty.
This 8.4% beer drinks like a 5%er.
After every sip, you'll exhale a cloud of resin.

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