Beer Baroness

Christchurch's Beer Baroness has a perfect line up for you! Refreshing Cucumber and Lime Sorbet Sour, Hazy IPA, Sour Raspberry White Stout, WCIPA or Stout on handpull. 'Beer for Everyone' We might even sneak in a one off festival treat!

Take a kettle soured white stout for yoghurt notes, add generous amounts of cold brew coffee and vanilla beans for dessert like depth, then condition on raspberries, cacao nibs and lactose.

The complexity of a Milk Stout and Oatmeal Stout, combined together with an extra hit of Cherry, Cocoa and Vanilla to bring you a Rich, Decadent silky smooth dessert beer. Think Black Forest Gateau in a Glass.

More hops more oats more flavour. The latest in our hazy range packs Citra, Idaho7 and Mosaic along with an extra addition of oats to create a big full juice bomb.

Brewed with locally grown Lime and Cucumber, and sneaky addition of Vietnamese mint our latest Oat kettle sour is smooth, full bodied, tart and refreshing!

We're really 'Shaking It Up' by adding a homemade Gin, Lime and Mint jelly drop to an already amazing sour.

Is it time for a clear hoppy beer? We think it is.
Brewed with Mosaic, Simcoe and a touch of Centennial this West Coast IPA is all about the hops. A gentle clean malt base with big bold assertive bitterness

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