Cardrona Distillery

Showcasing all of our award winning single malt spirits that are made in the Cardrona Valley from malted barely, pure alpine water and distillers yeast. We will provide orally sensational delights for our customers!

A marriage of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks,this; Just Hatched Whisky reveals Cardrona's underlyingcharacter of borage flower honey, vanilla, spice, withweighted spirit on the tongue

Wild Central Otago Elderflower, handpicked byour Cardrona team, has been married with our rich SingleMalt Spirit and whole lemon.

Hand-made with only the best of naturalingredients. We soak delicious New Zealand orange peel inour own rich Cardrona un-aged Single Malt Spirit.

Made from just 3 ingredients; barley, water and yeast. The Reid starts life in the same way as our Single Malt Whisky, giving this Vodka fullness and body.

A natural matrix of locally foraged rosehip, together with traditional juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, lemon and orange zest, vapour-distilled into our Single Malt Spirit.

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