Deep Creek Brewing Co

Double AIBA Champion International Brewery 2017/2019. Our mission is to produce the best quality beers possible across a spectrum of flavours and styles and have fun doing it. We invite you to come on this flavour fuelled adventure with us.

Feijoa is an iconic NZ fruit. Originally from South America and known as the pineapple guava, we blend this with sweet pear to balance the feijoa and zesty lime flavours.

All the juiciness of our Hazy IPAs but much more sessionable! Well balanced low bitterness, light bodied and easy drinking. Stonefruit, mango and orange.

With this beer we wanted to showcase the beautiful subtle characteristics of a traditional German lager. Nikau is a crisp lager with citrusy noble hop flavours followed by malt sweetness instead of hop bitterness, and a refreshing dry finish. Silver medal winner Australian International Beer Awards 2019

Inspired by the element of fire and the Phoenix, this IPA is a glowing hotbed of vibrant sun-ripened tropical flavours.  
Mango and passionfruit rise out of the glass with a hint of grapefruit on the finish.

Our every day American Pale Ale has both classic and modern American hops with flavour and aroma including pine and grapefruit zest. All on top of a rich but dry malt backbone. Full of flavour. Extremely smashable

Nectarine and Pineapple hop flavours take you on this journey.
A downright addictive juicy Hazy IPA with low bitterness. An incredibly approachable style.
Reach for the Zenith!

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