Good George Brewing

If we told you that Good George was the best thing to come out of Hamilton, you'd probably think for a minute then make a joke about how we dont have much competition. Thats okay, we can handle it, we dont take life too seriously. We're serious about brewing though.

Our Day Off Gin has been introduced to a good amount of mandarin, cardamom, juniper, and a bunch of other botanicals. Paired with a Weirdly Normal Tonic

We've treated our Day Off Gin to a Doris Plum spin. An infusion of plum and sweet pepper, with a seductive ruby red colour. Subtly tart and sweet, with notes of hibiscus and a small touch of cardamom.

Doris Plum Cider (4.5%) looks a seductive magenta, and has aromas of plum, apple, and grape.
On the palate it's sweet, tart, and very refreshing.

Fog City (5.8%) looks pale and hazy, and has aromas of juicy tropical, and citrus fruit.
On the palate it's full bodied, with a smooth, creamy finish.

Inspired by the wave of punchy new world hops.
A lovely soft malt backbone is balanced perfectly with juicy, mouth-coating hoppy GOODness & a smooth lingering bitterness. 5.8% ABV.

Step it up with every coffee lover's favourite vodka cocktail - the espresso martini.
Bold coffee notes with a hint of chocolate to round out the cocktail.

A combination of real passionfruit, a touch of vanilla, and small batched vodka.
The Passionfruit Martini is an absolute tropical holiday in a glass.

Passionfruit Cider (4.5%) looks a pale, clear yellow, and has aromas of passionfruit and apple. On the palate it's sweet, tart, and juicy.

Raspberry Brut IPA (5.7%) looks blush pink and bright, and has aromas of raspberry, gooseberry and rhubarb.
On the palate it's dry and crisp with light fruity tartness.

Small Wonder (2.5%) is a low-alcohol Pale Ale and looks pale and bright, with aromas of citrus. It tastes refreshing, crisp, and surprisingly hoppy.

Worthy Hazy Pilsner (5%) looks light hazy gold, and has aromas of citrus, and hops.
On the palate it’s zesty, lightly bitter, dry, and refreshing.

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