Hopscotch Beer Company

Hopscotch is the house of two brewers and brands, Kevin brews Coaster, Hugh brews Mandrake. We aim to make beers that the market doesn't know it needs. We like using weird yeasts, fruits and really hot spicy chilies.

Big malty belly warming beer with dark malts and candy sugar sweetness to soften the alcohol.

Traditional Saison brewed with yeast from a French farmers hay barn.

Salty and wheaty sour beer with the aroma of Juniper Berries.

Mandrake - Take a really nice oatmeal chocolate stout, add just enough Bhut Jolokia chillies to make it pleasantly warm, then double this amount. (10g/L) Chucking this much chilly into a beer is a dick move. Hope you like/hate it.

Unboiled and wild, brewed with a Belgian Farmhouse yeast. Solid bitterness unlike most hazes.

Clean fermenting ale yeast and loads of plums and watermelons gives the refreshing fruit salad taste of Summer.

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