LWF Distilling

Founded from a passion for flavour LWF Distilling Rums have a distinct NZ palate. Come visit the team, try the ‘best mojito in town’ and a couple of new combinations with their flavoured rums, including the pretty in pink Rhubarb Rum!

Our Distiller has worked up a flavour mix that will surprise and delight - ask the team what’s in it, its delicious!

LWF Distilling Limoncello is a dry rum based version of a classic limoncello - served as a take on a mojito but lemon based its deliciously refreshing.

LWF Distilling White Rum served dry with the classic lime, mint, simple syrup and soda water.

LWF Distilling Rhubarb Rum served simply with a light tonic and citrus garnish - refreshingly different.

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