Manaia Craft Brewers

We are the biggest little brewery in Beachlands. Based in our garage we brew malt forward beers which are unpasturised and unfiltered.

Deep dark toasty and vibrant caramel malts dominate this Cascadian beauty. Displaying a lingering bitterness with hints of coffee and a creamy tan head.

Finishing with distinctive Northwest American hops.

Brewed with premium German Pilsner malt, light bodied, crisp and golden.

Notes of tropical fruit with a hint of citrus.

True to a Pilsner style it finishes with a rounded and balanced mouth feel.

Pale gold IPA with subtle toffee overtones and light caramel malts.

Smooth bitterness with punchy orange citrus flavours.

A smooth and easy Irish Red Ale with a solid malt backbone and approachable clean hop bitterness.

Dark red with intense deep flavours.

American Pale Ale with a solid malt background. Balanced by piney and fruity New World Hops and finished with a moderate crisp bitterness.

Presenting with deep malty depths and complex bitterness. Appearance is copper with a hint of orange, exhibiting low caramel malt sweetness.

Tropical lemony and passion fruit hops dominate.

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