Fortune Favours / SkyCity Auckland

We celebrate those who like us, seek to make their mark on the world. Those who do. The Kiwi’s who create the extraordinary. It takes boldness, bravery and some say luck, to succeed. Fortune Favours the bold, the brave & the lucky.

Light & Refreshing with ZERO sugar and under 100 calories per glass! Brewed just like a lager this Hard Seltzer is charcoal filtered and then infused with natural hydrolised mandarin & lime flavourings.

Fortune Favours is hijacking the Green Bullet and giving you a fresh look at this hop and the greatness it holds.
As fresh as a newly mown lawn. An All day long Pilsner.

The Naturalist is unfiltered, instead being run through a centrifuge preserving the light haze and accentuating the flavours of citrus, sherbet and a hint of white pepper from the Pacifica and Taiheke hops.

Freshly crushed Pacific Rose, Fuji and Royal Gala Apples combined with a touch of juicy Blueberries. A crisp kiwi classic cider flavour with a medium finish from the fruit addition. Delicious!

The combo of American Mosaic and Australian Galaxy hops produces big juicy tropical aromas and flavours. The malt base along with new Gladfield Big O malted oats give a rich golden haze and a big body

A classic golden lager with a bit of a kiwi hop hit.

Nectaron and Nelson Sauvin hops provide a small punch of tropical flavours and aromas on a crisp golden lager base. A dry finish makes the perfect for any occasion

Designed to be light and aromatic with a minimal and balanced malt base but packed with NZ hops to accentuate the quality of a good, sessionable all day drinking NEW ZEALAND IPA.

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