Sprig & Fern Brewery

Sprig & Fern has earned a solid reputation among real craft beer drinkers throughout NZ. Tracy Banner and her talented team hand-brew each batch in Sunny Nelson. Our seltzer Grown Up Lemonade and Mango & Lime Cider are firm festival available only favourites!

Tarty, vibrant and moreish…This Berry Cider with berry fruit juices is lovingly crafted by mixing apple cider with a selection of berry fruit juices giving this award-winner a refreshing and mouthwatering taste sensation.

A Vodka based lemonade made with real lemon juice which gives a fresh citrus bite. This one’s for grown ups only!

Our brewers have created this juicy hop bomb that delivers citrus, passionfruit and stone-fruit flavours. Sprig & Fern’s Hazy IPA is distinctively soft with a smooth body and just the right amount of

‘When life gives you mango and limes, make an awesome summer cider." And so that’s exactly what we’ve done by creating our limited release Mango & Lime Cider.

Nectaron® has intensely tropical, citrus and stonefruit characteristics – perfect for our Strong Pale Ale..

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