The Alchemist Mixology

The early Alchemist were able to create gold from anything. The word Alchemist has since then formed into 'a person who creates something through a seemingly magical process'. We do this by creating liquid gold in the form of a cocktail!

A London classic innit. Dark spiced rum served with ginger beer, lime & ice.

One of the favourites, Gin based cocktail stirred with raspberry & roseship extract and an orange liquor. All this topped with ginger beer.

Jim Beam stirred with passionfruit puree and topped with soda. Refreshing and easy drinking. Can we made with Vodka

A crowd pleaser, pimms & lemonade served with a variety of fresh fruit

A classic summer treat. Vodka infused with peach, topped off with orange juice and pomegranate syrup.

Brought to you from the Greek Island of Zakynthos, Vodka based with peach liqueur, lime & cranberry

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