The Sawmill Brewery

Be independent, be real, be resourceful. This is Sawmill. We are a New Zealand owned brewery run by a small and creative team. We brew clean, flavoursome and balanced beer with a Sawmill edge - the willingness to think for ourselves.

#19 in our Aotearoa IPA Series. A monthly release celebrating what we have right here - an IPA series using exclusively New Zealand hops and malts.

A gose style beer loaded with blackcurrent. Sour, clean and tart.

An all New Zealand hazy IPA with intensely fruity and bold hop character.

The people's favourite. This New Zealand style Pilsner is clean, crisp and hoppy with a pleasing bitterness.

Toasty aromas, rich malts, light caramel and chocolate flavours. Dark brown in colour with ruby highlights. Reserved hop presence, just enough bitterness to carry the malt. Residual sweetness, lingering mouthfeel

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