Urbanaut Brewing Co

Urbanaut Brewing Co is Auckland's raddest brewery. Urbanaut beer is brewed to be enjoyed from the skate park to the board room, from our little corner of Tamaki Makaurau to people everywhere. DRINK FRESH - STAY RAD

Cool notes of cucumber with a handful of fresh-picked mint leaves balance out this tart, refreshing kettle-soured beer that will keep you crisp and frosty in any situation.

Blast off on a tropical wave of electric haze! This beer is sweet, tart and juicy - a daydream sipper with notes of fresh-cut citrus and pine and a lush squeeze of pink grapefruit juice to keep your head in the clouds.

This beer is a thirst-quenching show-stopper! A bright afternoon delight, this is a crisp apple sour, lightly sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon and a wee decadent drop of French vanilla.

A single-hopped Simcoe Double IPA. Dank, resinous and full-bodied with notes of citrus, pine, apricot and passionfruit from a huge dose of Simcoe cryo hops. Bold, balanced and full of character.

Tropical summer notes walk hand-in-hand with a crisp refreshing flavour that will keep you dancing on the shore from dusk till dawn. Serve chilled, wearing loud colours - speedboat optional.

This beer has a full tropical palate with fresh-fruit aromas and a crisp, balanced juiciness that will keep you refreshed from the bar to the house party.

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